General Pricing 


This pricing is for the actual space - remember, all adult & urn spaces are sold as "companion" spaces, which means there is an upper and lower section of each space. There is no second right of interment fee or additional fees that go along with this service. All adult spaces may be utilized for up to two full size casket burials or four sets of cremated remains, or a combination. Speak to a family counselor for more information.

  • Adult: $2,040 - $6,250 (Prices vary based on location within cemetery)
  • Urn: $640 - $1,150 (Prices vary based on location within cemetery)
  • Junior: $970
  • Infant: $170

Family Sections 

Families who wish to place an Upright Headstone to represent an entire family now have the option to do so within our Family Section located in the South East corner of the cemetery. Plots within the family section are sold at a 2 plot minimum which can accommodate 4 casket burials. For additional information on plots in the family section contact our office at (480) 987-2488.

Endowment Care 

The endowment care fee is a one-time fee that is deposited into an irrevocable trust fund to provide perpetual care utilizing the interest earned from the trust fund. This fee is charged each time a space is sold.

  • Adult: $440
  • Urn: $190
  • Junior: $190
  • Infant: $20

Opening & Closing

This is also known as the "interment fee." This fee is for the opening and closing of the grave. It also includes a Monday - Friday graveside service between 8AM & 3PM (weekends, after hours, and holidays are subject to overtime fees). These fee also includes a canopy, up to 20 chairs, ice water, tissues and a cemetery representative on the day of the service.

  • Adult: $1,350
  • Urn: $645
  • Junior: $150
  • Infant: $90

Outer Burial Container 

An outer burial container is very important for in-ground burials. It is the concrete container that protects the casket upon burial. There are many options to choose from. Pricing below is for the most popular options only (outer burial containers are not required for Infant burials).

  • Standard Dome Liner (unsealed, does not protect from elements): $745
  • Monticello Vault (sealed, reinforced concrete container, strong protection against elements): $1,450

  • Standard Urn Vault (unsealed, protects the urn from breaking under the weight of the earth): $315
  • Pebble Cove Urn Vault (sealed, hex locking system allowing ease of use for second burial): $425

Outer Burial Container Setting Fee 

The outer burial container setting fee is charged for full-size casket burials regardless of where the dome or vault was purchased. The outer burial container setting fee does not apply to Urn, Junior or Infant burials.

  • Vault/Liner Setting Fee: $300

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